364 Columbia Ctr
Kennewick, WA 99336-1163
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527 Columbia Ctr
Kennewick, WA 99336-1165
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3311 W Clearwater Ave # B180
Kennewick, WA 99336-4784
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A boutique is "a small store that sells stylish clothing, jewelry, or other usually luxury goods". The word is French for "shop", which derives ultimately from the Greek ἀποθήκη (apothēkē) or "storehouse". The term "boutique" entered into everyday English since the late 1960s. In Europe, Avenue Montaigne and Bond Street were the focus of much media attention for having the most fashionable stores of the era. Some multi-outlet businesses (chains) can be referred to as boutiques if they target small, upscale market niches.
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