EarthYP Edge Conference in Maui, Hawaii

2900 Bombing Range Rd
West Richland, WA 99353
(509) 967-6695

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A mosque (; from Arabic: مَسْجِد‎, romanized: masjid, pronounced [masdʒid]; literally "place of ritual prostration"), also called masjid, is a place of worship for Muslims. Any act of worship that follows the Islamic rules of prayer can be said to create a mosque, whether or not it takes place in a special building. Informal and open-air places of worship are called musalla, while mosques used for communal prayer on Friday are known as jumaʿ. Mosque buildings typically contain an ornamental niche (mihrab) set into the wall that indicates the direction of Mecca (qiblah), ablution facilities and minarets from which calls to prayer are issued. The pulpit (minbar), from which the Friday (jumu'ah) sermon (khutba) is delivered, was in earlier times characteristic of the central city mosque, but has since become common in smaller mosques.
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EarthYP Edge Conference in Maui, Hawaii